JDCI Committee

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In the world of globalization it is important that you choose a college where the global issues like intensifying globalization,the changing nature of the Indian Economy, the day to day new opportunities and problems for Indian as well global business, the transformation of new financial markets are debated. Since its very inception. JDC&I is known for its commitment and devotion to excellence in education with career orientation.

It provides an environment where best of the professionals and students are able to accomplish their pursuits through quality teaching, training and consultancy. The highly qualified and proficient faculty and professionals on board shapes the rewarding future of students.Pooja Seva Shiksha Samiti is successfully running various academic institutions under its name.

Jasoda devi colleges and institutions (JDC&I)

We encourage all our students to contribute the vision and the mission of the society. Other than that we also want the students to immerse themselves in the college lifestyle , taking advantage of all the opportunities on offer. There are so many ways that you can be helpful and make yourself a more rounded individual.

The only way to make the difference is to participate, be attentive and be dedicated to the goal for which you are imparting this knowledge. The college is offering you many opportunities to enhance your experience.