Governing Body

Pooja Seva Shiksha Samiti

Pooja Seva Shisha Samiti is one of the esteem societies in Rajasthan which is devoted in the field of Education. The society is established form the year 1991 and since then it never looked back.The main aim of the society is to develop the strong and educated young generation to lead the country to its Utmost.

Main Objectives of the Society are

to encourage the study of vivid Religion and Philosophy, Literature, art and Science - Both Technical and Applied, by funding, establishing and helping schools, colleges, pathshalas, Library, Reading Rooms and other Institutions.

To establish and promote the establishment of and to render aid to Temples, Pathshalas, Schools, Colleges, Gymnasiums, Widow Homes, Orphanages and other Institutions.To Provide for the welfare of Harijans, Tribes and other backward community or communities by grants of money and provide for and/or subscribing towards their places of Instruction and/or recreation and by other necessary means.

Introduction to its genesis including its registration status

Pooja Seva Shiksha Samiti is a duly registered society formed in the year 1991 (registration no. - 179-jai-91-92). It was registered on 10thAug 1991 under the society registration act 1958.POOJA SEVA SHIKSHA SAMITI (JAIPUR) RAJ was established on 12/07/1991 by NIRMAL KUMAR SURANA.As we know, he is no more with us but his vision is very clear to every society member

Jasoda devi colleges and institutions (JDC&I)

We encourage all our students to contribute the vision and the mission of the society. Other than that we also want the students to immerse themselves in the college lifestyle , taking advantage of all the opportunities on offer. There are so many ways that you can be helpful and make yourself a more rounded individual.

The only way to make the difference is to participate, be attentive and be dedicated to the goal for which you are imparting this knowledge. The college is offering you many opportunities to enhance your experience.